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Born in Uberlandia/Brazil, Victor trained as a dancer at the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin, where he graduated in 2017. He joined the Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg that same year and was promoted to the rank of soloist in 2019. Victor left the company in march 2022 due to the tragic situation between Russia and Ukraine. After having to take the hard decision of leaving his life in Russia behind and move to the Netherlands, Victor joined as a First Soloist the Dutch National Ballet where he danced his premiere as Jean de Brien in the ballet “Raymonda” and also the part of the Prince in the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” partnering Russian star Olga Smirnova. Victor was promoted to Principal in April of 2023 after his premiere of Swan Lake. Victor’s repertoire is extremely broad what makes him a very versatile dancer and one of the most talented dancers of his generation. 

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