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Lead Principal

English National Ballet

  • BASEL - 13. April 2024 - Musical Theater Basel

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Fernanda Oliveira, originating from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, embarked on her dance odyssey at Centro de Dança Rio before advancing her craft at the esteemed Royal Ballet Upper School. Her journey with the English National Ballet commenced in 2000, swiftly rising through the ranks to achieve the prestigious position of Principal dancer by 2007. Known for her exceptional versatility, Fernanda has brought to life an array of iconic roles including the ethereal Odette/Odile and the impassioned Juliet, alongside creating compelling characters such as Gerda in "The Snow Queen". Fernanda's illustrious career has seen her grace the stage of Wembley Stadium and earn recognition with notable awards. Beyond her achievements in dance, she finds fulfillment in her role as a wife to First Soloist Fabian Reimair and as a mother to their two children, Liam and Mila.

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